About Us

The Faculty of Agriculture Sciences (FASC) at SGT University is able to give students close-up exposure to vast acres of agricultural fields for learning, demonstration, and research because the university is situated in the rural heart of Busdhera. The courses adhere to national standards and regulations.

SGT University fosters the best agricultural knowledge to meet the needs of the public and private sectors. It also has an outstanding faculty and top-notch farm and laboratory facilities. Our long-term vision is to produce locally and globally competitive human resource capital and a science-led knowledge pool of technologies and agribusiness modules for achieving the rainbow revolution and sustainable food, nutrition, and livelihood security.


The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at SGT University (ICAR Accredited programs) was established in 2016-17. The faculty incorporates critical thinking, holistic, experiential, discussion-based, and analysis-based learning. It has well-qualified young and experienced teachers drawn from all over the country from reputed Agricultural Universities. The syllabus recommended by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for UG and PG programs is being followed. Globally competitive infrastructure for teaching and research including modern digital interactive classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, controlled facilities, a unique cafeteria of floriculture and vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants and field crops, in house modules of skill and entrepreneurship development notably of soil, plant and water testing, vermicomposting, mushroom farming, beekeeping, organic farming, and waste management are in place for students practical training, skill development, and entrepreneurship development.


Agricultural Sciences