Research Projects

S.No Name/Title of Project Project Coordinator Project Duration Project Status Remarks Approved Grant (Rs.) Grant Agency SGT/Outside)
1. Fine mapping of major grain yield qtl for drought stress in wheat chromosome 7B Dr. Sonia Goel 3 Years Grant sanctioned Project started Rs. 30,00,000 DST
2. Improving nutritional security of rural women through horticulture based kitchen garden Dr. Pooja Pant, Dr. Mohinder and Dr. Babli 3 Years Submitted Rs. 11,50,000 HSCST
3. Commercial viability of exotic vegetable and fruit crops under semi-arid open field conditions and protected conditions Dr. Vinita Rajput 3 Years In progress Initiated in current year Rs. 3,00,000 SGT University
4. Role of nanoparticles on wheat morphological and biochemical characters Dr. Sonia Goel 2 years In collaboration with GJU Hisar Project started Rs, 2,00,000 SGT University
5. Performance of edible mushrooms under various substrate combination & growing conditions Dr. Vinita Rajput 3 years In progress One year completed Rs. 1, 00, 000 SGT University
6. Harnessing novel alleles from wheat germplasm Dr. Sonia Goel Three years Collaboration with ICAR Project started Rs. 1, 00, 000 SGTU+ICAR
7. Effect of various sources of nutrient s on productivity of wheat Dr. Babli From Nov., 2018-May, 2019 In progress Harvesting and threshing time of wheat N.A SGT University
8. Dehydration and value addition of flowers and foliage for making floral craft Dr. Pooja Pant 3 years In progress N.A SGT University
9. Phenological comparison of the water fern Marsilea with the angiospermic weed Oxalis. Dr. Priyanka Sharma 1 year In Progress N.A SGT University
10. Impact of different quantities rice residue incorporation on soil nutritional status Dr. Mohinder Singh From Nov., 2018-May, 2019 In progress Lab work going N.A SGT University