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Horticulture: Future of Agriculture

Horticulture is the science and art of growing plants/ crops which were earlier considered as ‘garden plants.’ Broadly, it includes cultivation and management of fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal & aromatic plants, spices, and plantation crops. Other than farming and plantation, horticulture also includes hybrid seed production, landscape management, mushroom culture, garden design, roof gardening, etc.

Horticultural science is a key to improve the quality or nutritional value of produce, food security, the ability of plants to overcome environmental stresses. Horticulture is an umbrella of prosperity which flourishes nature and human being as well. Being a modern science, it offers countless business opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

After obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge of horticulture, one can easily start their own business with a small investment as well. There are some important points which should be considered before starting a business in the horticulture sector:

  • Most of the horticulture business options that involve growing plants need an adequate area of land. Therefore, the land is the preliminary requirement for starting a horticulture business. A fertile or suitable piece of land can be availed on easy to pay lease basis from any local person. For running businesses such as hydroponics/ poly houses, the fertility of the land is not a problem.
  • The selection of crop and variety should be according to the agroclimatic condition, irrigation, soil condition, and market potential.
  • Most of the horticulture business will give you revenue after a certain period of time. And during the period before harvesting, you need to fund the business continuously. So, you must have a financial plan and fund availability.
  • Identifying market demand is the most crucial aspect of this business. You must grow the product that has demand. It may in the local market or international market.
  • Finally, you must have a plan. Generally, horticulture activity involves a certain amount of labor cost. However, in modern agriculture, you can bypass the labour involvement by adopting modern farming methods. And hence, it helps to enhance profitability.

Career Scope for Horticulture Aspirants:

Aspirants can indulge themselves in various businesses that include fertilizer business, farming business, commercial farming business, beekeeping business are some of the primary career options that are available after completing a Horticulture degree. Students have several options after Pursuing a Horticulture program. Some of the most prominent job opportunities are given below:

  • Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Dried Flower Business
  • Fertilizer Distribution Business
  • Organic Farm Green House
  • Mushroom Farming Business
  • Hydroponic Retail Store
  • BeeKeeping Business
  • Fruits and Vegetables Export
  • Botanical Pesticide Production
  • Landscape Expert
  • Medicinal Herbs Farming
  • Cactus Arrangements
  • Certifies Seed Production
  • Soil Testing Lab
  • Agro-Farming Blogging

Agriculture is the future of tomorrow, and students can pursue courses under the Faculty of Agriculture at SGT University. This is one of the best emerging universities in the Delhi NCR region that offering various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs under the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. There are several reasons available why students should join SGT University, some of them are given below:

Why Students join the Agriculture department at SGT University:

  • SGT University has world-class infrastructure with well-equipped labs.
  • We have cultivation fields where we provide ample practical exposures to our students.
  • We believe in experimental learning, and to stick on that we have various practical training programs for students.
  • Our teachers are well educated and experienced to provide complete knowledge and understanding to the students.
  • We use to plan seminars, workshops, and conferences to provide the next level of learning experience to the students.
  • SGT University organizes events like Basant, where students provide complete knowledge of agricultural activities.
  • In this event students also showcase their knowledge and understanding of different types of plants, and their significance in our life.
  • SGT University invites eminent personalities of agriculture domains related to various Government and Non-Government organizations to make provide lectures and learning to the students.

To know more about these programs such as eligibility criteria, admission process, and other queries you can visit our official website or contact us through the mail, phone, or social media platforms.

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